Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Peats Ridge Festival Dec 9-11/2005

The second annual Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts & Music Festival kicked off on the 9th - 11th Dec 2005 in a celebration of Music, Arts and Sustainable Living !

Presenting over 150 acts in World Music, Blues Roots and Dub, Contemporary Music and Chilled Beats, The Festival offered 6 stages of music, an entire area devoted to Sustainable Living, Cocktail Bar, Chai Tent, Eco Living Workshops, Market Stalls, Healing Area and an Children's Festival. The Festival run over 3 days and featured established camping facilities set in the stunning natural surroundings of Glenworth Valley. Located just 1 Hour North of Sydney this was a great fun Festival

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Michael Barker from The John Butler Trio In Clinic

Michael Barker from The John Butler Trio In Clinic

Pearl Reference Drums and Zildjian Cymbals
Australian Tour 2005

These photos were taken at a recent gig I had the pleasure to work for.I was the Sound Engineer for this performance and I have a group of at least 8 drum technicians as assistants, pretty damn cool hey? and obviously the drumming was insane and Michael barker is one of the best rock drummers in australia and plays with probably one of the most famous bands around,The john Butler trio.It was a great experience but full on work, I had mics for every single drum, so thats around 30 something and I worked for 13hours with 10 min toilet break, Full on, But thats Rock and Roll Baby! I was up there close with the stars!

Monday, October 10, 2005


This are photos were taken at a party organized by colombians for colombians with colombians to have a great time and dance to SOFRITO, my brother's Salsa band, all you can expect from a good colombian fiesta!



It was a hell of night, not an easy mix but it was great fun.






Thursday, September 08, 2005

Finally! THE SNOW!!

(perdon por no escribir en espanol!,cualquiera que quiera traducirlo bienvenido, buena practica del idioma global!cualquier pregunta contactenme sin pena!)

it is hard to describe the intensity and the exitement of my first visit to the snow at thredbo and perisher blue at the snowy mountains of NSW.
As you all know it was my first time to see snow and it was extreme! I went down with my good friend laura and luckily she had a friend that works there because the prices for accomodation and for the parks are ridicuously expensive.
It was a 7 hour bus ride from sydney, we got there at 6:30am on monday and we basically went straight to the snow after only 3 uncomfortable hours sleep on a bus.

we stayed in a town called jindabyne, thats were most locals live. it is like 30 min away from the snow parks and there are no busses or anything going there so u have to pretty much hitchhike (echar dedo a la colombiana). It was interesting becuase you get to meet a lot of locals and funny characters,they also give you honest advise on the best things to do.

This is the jindabyne lake, we got rides in front of this lake every morning.
it wasnt as cold as I was expeting it, I was carrying so many extra clothing but didn't really use it.

we got a lift with a cool girl the first morning and we ended up in smiggins (a park for beginers like me). It cost $66 for the day pass plus like $50 for the board and other accesories. what a rip off, but once you started snowboarsding you forget about the price.

I was on my ass the whole time, we had 2 hours lessons with a cool dude from denmark and that helped me to bulid confidence, and just to know what the F*** I was doing! It is an intense exercise on every single muscle of your body.

After 8 hours on non stopping snowboarding with only lunch break (the food was terrible and pricy by the way), we head home and went straight to sleep.
The next morning my body was so sore that I decided to spend the day on snow walk and taking photos. We went to thredbo (the biggest and most beatiful ski resort.)

we took a chair lift to highest restaurant in asutralia, we had lunch and we went on a mountain walk towards mount kosiosko. the highest mountain in australia. the snow was as soft as powder and thick and beatiful. It was lonely and peaceful, magical and powerful, quite and breathtaking.
the following pics are from that ski resort. ( The picture shows the rides I did as an "expert" on my snowboard (blue,pink and red and the black box shows where the folowing photos were taking at and were mount kosiosko is.)

on the third day after seeing the most beatiful landscapes, it was time to hit the snowboard again and take some real rides. as you can see the mountains are pretty high and coming down on a board is not an easy job, sometimes you lose control and end up hitting yourself against, trees, columns, rocks, people, or just hurting your back, arms , neck,face, butt and even my balls... but its all part of the fun, but I had to admit I was about to give up after seeing the kids, some of them only 4 years old, skiing like professionals and going faster than a lot of adults, bloody talented youth!.

at the very last ride, Laura went far too fast and had a badly crashed, she injured her knee and it seems like she will need surgery, it was a whole mission the get her back to sydney but she seems all right but it will take her a while to recover from her injury, snow is very dangerous!!

The experience overall was too special and unforgettable, I loved it soo much that I can't think about anything else at the moment, Im also considering applying for a job there next session and improve my technique, jeje. The town is full of energy and young cool people and the snow just adds an inspirational vibe that brings the good in people. (If u know what I mean!! =) )

Sunday, September 04, 2005

On the Road to the Snow!

Gday! Sydney is freazing and I haven't have enough sleep, but it doesnt matter when u know you are going to see the snow for the first time. I leave sydney at 11:30pm tonight and will stay there for three days. Its is damn expensive but it seems like its worthy. I just borrowed some googles,glooves,jackets,thermals, scarf, socks,etc,etc but im pretty sure I will still freeze my butt off. Im finally gonna get to make a snowman,(Im taking some carrots for the nose,jeje) and do the angel, I will do all the tricks I've always seen on american movies.
you can check more info about the place on the following link http://www.thredbo.com.au/

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A new Technology.

curiosity...I would like to try this stuff and be able to share a bit of my life ( and be able to remember it, knowing how bad my memory is). also try to avoid long group mails and share toughts and photos with everyone. see if it works, I got tired of my old webpage, chao for now....